The flowers and merchandise are ONLY representations of what we offer in the store. We DO NOT offer online ordering at this time. Please contact our expert sales staff at the store by calling (903) 963-7801.


Whether you are having a simple service or going all out, we're a full service florist with extensive experience in the creation of floral design. We can do anything from wedding bouquets and boutonnieres, to centerpieces, or church flower arrangements. Our staff's creative ideas can help you in your bouquet selection and planning. Accent your wedding with style, call our floral designers toll free at 800.963.7802 and book us today.


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Summer Silk Arrangement

We can put together silk arrangements too.

Brides Bouquet (Spring)
Bridesmaid Bouquet (Spring)
Boutineer (Spring)
Bridesmaid Bouquet (Spring)
Bride's Bouquet (Winter)
Bout (Winter)
Bout (Winter)
Church Arrangement 2 (Fall)
Table Arrangement 2 (Fall)
Pew Arrangement 2 (Fall)
Bouts 2 (Fall)
Brides Bouquet No. 3 (Fall)
Brides Maid Bouquet (Fall)
Boutineer 3 Fall
Bride's Bouquet (Winter)
Bridemaide's Bouquet (Winter)
Bridle Bouquet 2 (Fall)