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Check out or top lines of candles, Circle E Candles, WoodWicks, McCall's, Mixture and Swan Creek. Perfect to send for any occasion. We also carry a flame-less candle. The aroma from these candles definitely fills the room. And get your next car scent at Bouquets and Bows.

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Circle E Candles made in the Fredericksburg, Texas are known for the longest burning and most delightfully fragrant candles in the market. Birds of Paradise is a favorite, but we have several scents. You can also have one turned into a beautiful candle bouquet.


Made in America, McCall's Candles come in a variety of aromas that will tantalize the senses and is the base for all our candle bouquets.


Mixture candles are hand mixed soy based and come in an assorted colored votive and an array of pleasing scents.


Swan Creek Candles made with 100% American soy bean wax, clean-burning, lead free, and intensely fragrant. Timeless Collection Drizzle Melts Pantry Jars American Highway Collection


These fragrances are inspired by the Eleven Point River and the area of Arkansas and has run through the lives of two generations. This is a must try candle... We carry lots of scents to choose from/


Car Scents


Fragrance without Flame


Studio OH! Studio Oh is inspiring, delightful, and unexpected. They introduce a range of items that feature fresh, original artwork, designed to transform ordinary goods into cherished belongings.