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We carry unique lines of jewelry and fashion accessories. If you are buying for a birthday, anniversary, or just any occasion, you wont be disappointed. Gift bags are available too. So don't waste time in fancy department stores, stop in and see what we have first.


Life Rings Men & Women silicone rings, 24 colors, lifetime guarantee


Waxing Poetic Charms and Chains


Little Words Project Register * Wear * Conquer * Share Each word on the bracelet has a significant meaning something you may want to conquer. Purchase the bracelet that fits you, register it, conquer whatever your word is and then share it to the next person you feel is going through the same obstacle. They get to register the bracelet and it repeats from there. You can go online and look at how many lives your bracelet has touched.


Jewelry by Marie Katherine


A beautiful collection of Halo design jewellery and bracelets.


We have several choices when it comes to on trend necklaces. Shop local for the perfect gift.


Seasonal Whispers bangle bracelets


We have several choices when it comes to on trend earrings. Shop local for the perfect gift.